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Fort Lauderdale Retail & Commercial Security

Now, more than ever, public places such as retail spaces and commercial buildings and offices are becoming more aware of the need to protect their employees and customers with increased safety and security capabilities. Retail and Commercial buildings are susceptible to safety and security risk because they are virtually open like a public place where a wide variety of people including: vendors, employees, customers, visitors and corporate executives visit. G4S Fort Lauderdale understands that to provide real value to retailers and commercial office space, property and distribution center managers, a security partner must go beyond simply providing uniformed personnel at the storefront or at a reception desk. The best safety and security programs require a more thorough solution utilizing security guards and patrols, as well as a strong and customizable technology solution.

Whether you are looking for security to:

  • Monitor and prevent customer theft and inventory shrinkage
  • Manage your building
  • Mitigate risk
  • Enhance safety

G4S Fort Lauderdale officers deliver the right balance of highly-trained personnel who can prevent and mitigate safety concerns. Our G4S Officers also have exceptional concierge style service skills to interact directly with customers and tenants and represent your business with the professionalism you expect.

Commercial Property & Retailer Security Services Include:

  • Dedicated patrol vehicles equipped with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units
  • GPS tracking of security personnel with real-time incident reporting
  • Bicycle, golf cart and stand-up electric vehicle patrols
  • K-9 Response Patrols
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Comprehensive physical security assessments and risk vulnerability assessments
  • Implementation and integration of access control hardware and software systems

G4S Fort Lauderdale Property Resource Officers are the Best in the Business

The G4S Property Resource Officer (PRO) is pro-active in prevention, an expert in technology and understands the needs in the commercial real estate environment. The G4S PRO is part security, and part ambassador and observer, providing qualified services tailored to your specific needs. G4S Fort Lauderdale is the leader in customized solutions for real estate or commercial business needs and retail security services. Our solutions provide a combination of security manpower and cutting edge software that keep you and your property safe and secure.

A G4S PRO must meet G4S qualifications with a verifiable work history and background check and are evaluated using the following criteria that best matches your facility's needs:

  • High rise or multi-tenant security experience
  • Security experience in a position involving extensive public contact
  • Managed and provided support and security to a facility similar to your facility
  • Experience in mitigation risk and safety concerns in a previous facility
  • Demonstrated ability to increase tenant satisfaction in their previous assignments

The G4S Benefit

G4S is the leader in customized solutions for real estate or commercial business needs. Every G4S Fort Lauderdale officer post is equipped with Secure Trax® bringing unsurpassed safety and security solutions to help manage risk and reduce costs. G4S officers are experienced, customer-service-oriented professionals, providing security, fire and safety-related services in the commercial marketplace, including high-rise office buildings and corporate campuses.

All G4S Fort Lauderdale security and safety officers are specially trained to handle commercial buildings and retail security needs. They are background checked, pre-screened, drug tested and trained to reflect your needs, special requirements and the use of the G4S technology customized to your facility.

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I had to take my mother to the Hospital yesterday for some testing and had the pleasure of seeing wonderful Security Officers all over the campus. In particular, the young lady at the desk was really impressive. How wonderful to be greeted by someone like her when you have to be at a hospital.

Hospital Visitor

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