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G4S Atlanta Team

Michael Klipstein, General Manager

Michael Klipstein

Michael Klipstein, General Manager, Atlanta, is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations as well as developing new business in Georgia.

Michael works to create successful partnerships with businesses throughout Georgia. Specializing in providing expertise to large, mid-size and small businesses, Michael believes in prompt customer service solutions by understanding each business and the unique security issues they face.

He is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the attention and responsiveness customers deserve with:

  • Local hands-on experience
  • Industry-specific and community awareness
  • Award winning resources

Michael received his B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and his MBA from the University of Georgia.


Tami Moore-Reed, G4S Manager of Business Development

Tami Moore-Reed

Tami Moore-Reed serves as G4S Georgia's Manager of Business Development, where she brings more than 19 years of experience to her role. She has an exemplary track record for using her professionalism, warmth, ability to listen and deliver for customers.

From the world's largest companies to your local business, Tami is instrumental in crafting innovative and customized approaches to security and safety programs that only G4S can deliver. Tami ensures customers success by offering a unique blend of G4S security personnel, security technology, and software capabilities. Her success and strength is centered on the G4S commitment to providing superior customer service and dedication to meeting customer expectations.

Tami graduated from Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, OH with her B.A. in Communication and attended Lancaster University, Lancaster England.


Grant Forman, G4S Operations Manager

Grant Forman

Grant is a shining example of the kind of person who makes G4S a special place. He is primarily focused on making sure that G4Scustomers and security personnel are supported with all they need. Grant prides himself on superior attention to customer satisfaction with each project and security team he supports. Customers know that Grant is working diligently behind the scenes supporting businesses with local and national footprints with value-based G4S security programs.

Prior to working with G4S, he was a contractor in Afghanistan. He was the team supervisor and lead to the Minister of Interior Commander for the Afghanistan Family Response Unit where he planned, directed, and coordinated the activities of the Unit Commander's Investigators. He also trained security operations in compliance with program policies and procedures. Grant was involved in contractual negotiations for acquiring proper documentation and payments to Afghanistan Public Protection Force National Headquarters.

Grant is originally from Southern California and a graduate of Oregon State University with a BS in Sociology. He is finishing his Master's Degree (2 classes left) in Business Administration- Human Resource Management.


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I was greeted at each post very professionally by employees who represented G4S very well. They were pleasant, neat and composed, looked me in the eye, were alert upon approach and helpful when I asked questions. I appreciate the work you and your staff are doing to diligently watch our perimeter and assets.

Health & Safety Manager

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